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Arlington Heights Historical Museum
Calor Design Group designed and oversaw the sensitive mechanical retrofit of three historic buildings on the Arlington Heights Historical Museum campus.
   A turn-of-the-century factory was restored and given new life as a multi-use building. The factory now houses gallery and retail space, administrative offices, an archival library, and meeting rooms for the museum. Two historic homes were also renovated, and are used to display the village's historical collections.
   The museum's archives and exhibits are protected by environmental conditioning equipment. Modern HVAC equipment was inconspicuously installed in the buildings, maintaining an authentic, yet comfortable, atmosphere.

Arlington Heights Historical Museum
Arlington Heights, Illinois
McGuire-Igleski and Associates, Architects
Village of Arlington Heights, Clients

When designing for archival museum spaces, tight environmental control is paramount, whereas intensely used recreational spaces require durability, and police and fire stations primarily need reliable systems.
   In addressing the wide-ranging needs of Civic buildings, our design team is attentive to an individual building's many uses to create inviting, secure public spaces, and comfortable, efficient administrative areas. Selected Resume
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