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Social Services

Pilsen Gateway Apartments
Designed to be a dynamic component of a diverse and vibrant community, Pilsen Gateway Apartments is the first new construction in the area in over twenty years. Calor Design Group provided the mechanical and electrical systems for this new 36-unit mixed-use building.
   Central plumbing and electrical systems serve elegant apartments and retail spaces. Common interior and exterior spaces are provided with heating, ventilation, and lighting. Community-conscious design includes accessible residential units and a rooftop garden.

Pilsen Gateway Apartments
Chicago, Illinois
Landon Bone Baker, Architects

The evolution of public housing's function has changed from basic shelter to a community resource that serves the complex needs of low income families, seniors, and single residents. We believe that high design standards should be applied to homes without regard to the residents' income bracket. Towards this end, we provide universally accessible HVAC, security, and fire safety systems that are well-designed, durable, and easy to maintain and operate.
   Calor Design Group, Ltd. has extensive experience designing for public housing and SROs. Selected Resume
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