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Social Services

Children's Place at Vision House
The Children's Place at Vision House is a new daycare and support services center for HIV and AIDS affected children.
   The building is expansive and bright, with classrooms, offices, and a full kitchen. Mechanical and electrical design points include radiant floors, distinctive indoor and outdoor lighting, and the first new institutional pitched roof photovoltaic system in Chicago.
   The Children's Place at Vision House has received the Richard H. Dreihaus Foudation First Place Award for Excellence in Community Design.

Children's Place at Vision House
Chicago, Illinois
McCullom and Associates, Architects

Social Services
The little things make the difference when designing for social service buildings. As their uses and admissions change over time, these spaces must be designed with an eye for flexibility and ease of use.
   Serving people with different abilities, people in transition, and those with unique needs, our design teams address a heightened need for comfort and safety. Selected Resume
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